Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Blog on, brother

At risk of sounding like an utter psycho (although I have a feeling it's probably common) in the last few weeks I have become slightly obsessed with perusing blogs. I've been suddenly immersed into a vast ocean of peoples lives who I've never met and it's overwhelming. I'm amazed at how some can make the mundane seem interesting without making the reader feel intrusive. I've started to root for these people and it brings a smile to my face when they've made their daily update. I'll probably add a blogroll to the sidebar soon since I have quite a few that I frequent now. (As much as it makes me shudder, for these same reasons if I had cable I'd probably be hooked on reality TV too.)

Part of why i started this blog is because I was inspired by other fantastic blogs in the gay community. The big difference is that most of them it seems, are out and proud of it. They raise their voices and make it known, but it's also just part of their life that they write about. It's probably silly, but I find it very admirable. Even though there are many heartaches and trials, the moments of joy they can outwardly revel in seem genuine and I am slightly envious. Someday I hope to be as comfortable in my skin as some of these fine fellas. In the meantime I'll just make some more room in the closet.

On the same token, I'm still trying to get the hang of how to write in this thing. I of course I want to sound intelligent and likable, but Ultimately that shouldn't be the point of a blog. It should be real. A place to empty your skull and guts on the table for others to see the raw material and make their judgments. And if in this context I am a blabbering idiot and a spineless coward then so be it, perhaps that is what I truly am.


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