Saturday, November 10, 2007

Food Fight

Where exactly was life before YouTube.

I was going to wait and send this around on Turkey Day along with in depth commentary about the evils of suburban over-consumption and the general modern era lack of respect for the food chain.

However, I'm going to forego all that as instead I've watched it 20 times in a row and I'm at the point where I need an inhaler to breathe because I've laughed so hard. Vegetarian's might want to take a deep breath first avert their eyes elsewhere.

Bascially, I blame mom (mom's edit: It's not my fault!), for pointing it out to me, having nothing better to do than watch HGTV all day, every day. We'll get into her remodeling plans later for my house (mom's edit: Oh, do I have plans for this house!).

But, wait! Bonus features!

Firstly, I'm sure many of you wouldn't mind being the turkey in this scenario.

Also, it would be remiss not point out the oddity of top hit "Women's Sumo Wrestling" in the Related Videos section.

(mom's edit: Aren't you done yet? I need to go to the grocery store! No turkeys on the menu.)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Somehow, it's November. Time to crack some knuckles and take some names.

I have no idea what that means but I'll probably never get a chance to use it in real life so I'm getting it out of the way now.

I would have pictures to show you of the Halloweenies of yesterday but my camera is broke. So we'll just have to pretend (which is rather appropriate).

Elder Monkey was a Wolverine, complete with claws that kept getting in the way and mask that was way too itchy. Also the night before he realized he actually wanted to be Elvis. We thought perhaps if you combine the two he'd be going as Wolvis. Or Elverine. Or, basically, Hugh Jackman. And his catch phrase would be "Uh-huh, thank-ya-very-much, Bub." Snikt.

Younger Monkey was a Buzz Lightyear, for the second time, only it was a full-fledged outfit complete with inflatable jetpack with wings. Now that he is an uber-social (super)butterfly, he also feels the need to announce his presence at every door when knocking. Because not only does he want your treat, but also if he can come into your home, watch TV, be your best friend or ask the nice Filipino man across the street if he knows any Spanish. And then knock you over unintentionally with his inflatable purple wings.

Oh and his "helmet" made him look like Patsy.

Generally I write off Halloween and I do not dress up. Although Elder Monkey had to make the suggestion that I should be 007. Leave it to him to think of the one guise I would totally get into. We shall see.