Tuesday, February 08, 2005

High Flying Snot Monkeys

My wife and monkeys are a bit sick. Happens every winter. She can't recuperate because she can't get enough sleep. The monkey's are around other sick monkey's frequently so it's a vicious cycle that perpetuates ad nauseam. I'm just waiting for my turn. The monkey's are resilient enough, still performing the usual acrobatics, just with slightly more fluids involved.

I should've already come down with something nasty at the level it's propagating but I've managed to get better at being preventative. Zinc tablets and whole foods and vitamin C. And water. Lots of water. Amazing how it really works. I used to get insanely ill when I was younger. It must have not helped that I consumed junk food on an equally insane basis. Two weeks at a time lying in bed swimming in alien mucus and concentrating on one breath at a time. Lovely image, I know. Aside from a minor sore throat I hardly ever get that way anymore.

But I do every year, without fail, lose my voice for some indeterminate period of time. Usually during the spring. And then I am the most pathetic piece of work you've ever seen. I'm also highly focused on what I am doing because people know I can't really communicate in that state, so they leave me alone even more. It does suck however, because I do tend to sing a lot. When you can't reach the notes you normally can and you know you sound like a dying cow on steroids, it's highly irritating. (I'm sure not only to myself but others around me.)

May you stay healthy and wise...



Anonymous said...

now that you've been introduced to the ol' blogorama you must now look into a counter, namely a sitemeter counter so that you know how many people have been on your site in one day and from whence they came.

good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ken sez: I highly recommend Zicam swabs (not the spray - I've heard a small number of people have lost their sense of smell). Really worked WONDERS for me during a cold I caught in January.