Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fun with Noodles

We just got the CD player fixed in the car so on the way home from the gym the boys were jamming to a soundtrack that had to do with a talking cucumber superhero with suction cups on his head, an entourage of backup singers for his theme song and an asparagus butler. You do the math. They dig the remix versions best. So henceforth (or at least for the rest of this post) Monkey No. 2 shall be known as Gee-B Real in honor of his groovability in the car. Picture that head bop motion from those SNL Roxbury guys, an extreme pouty lip coupled with a full body bounce to the beat but all while strapped into a car seat. And I think the moniker of J-Dawg would probably best suit Monkey No. 1. Because he was barking most of the time.

My wife went out for the night with some friends for the first time in...a very long time. It's good for her to get away. She left a note with kisses for all her boys. Cause she's sweet like that. :)

Now they are eating organic macaroni and cheese. Which is what my legs currently feel like. X-man piled on the pain today at the gym. But then again that's what I pay him for.



David said...

That sounds like an almost normal day. I hope things are getting better by the day.

Alex said...

cucumber superhero, I need one of those :-)

Kip said...

Ahh... Veggie Tales. Gotta love 'em. I thought I had picked up on there being some "religious/faith" issues going on during this time, too... am I right?