Thursday, April 27, 2006

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Afraid Mr. Bumbry Has Fallen Quite Ill


I suppose when someone actually tracks down an email address for me, that was totally not connected to anything with this site, just to say, basically, WTF...

...that you people are crazy. And lovely. But still crazy. Don't you have anything better to do then mope over someone you've never met? I do apologize profusely if I made you worry.

You're concern is warranted. My desire to communicate with anyone has been diminishing at a rapid rate. I suppose the way I left things was not fair.

I'm okay. I simply don't have much to say that's positive anymore. I know that no one's life is rosy but the last thing I want to do is bring people down.

And I'm tired. I try to create and nothing happens.

So I'm leaving Simon here for others to discover and ponder and take what they need from him. If I come back it will be in a new time and place. With monkeys still in tow. I promise.

I still have my eye on all of you.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No Famous Last Words

I can't write anymore. My heart physically hurts too much these days. Take care of yourselves.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Technical Difficulties

I apologize to anyone who was watching the sketch this evening. If my latptop decides to wake up and I can salvage it I'll try to continue tomorrow.

I thought I could try from my iMac at home even though the dial-up isn't the swiftest..but then it gave me a few kernel panics aand I gave up.

Then I thought, okay now's the time to try a non-digital sketch and scan it in...but it appears my scanner has now bit the dust after it fell off the table.

And then I was going to record a podcast...and it appears I've just sat on my headset and snapped it in two.

So, it appears the muses have decided I it be an all around April Fools on me and I should not be creating tonight. We'll try again tomorrow when they haven't had so much wine.