Saturday, February 26, 2005

Into The Blogosphere, Part 1

I finally have a few moments to do this and I'm feeling good today (and I don't have anything else to blog about) so here are some shout outs to some lives you should invade if you haven't already. There are quite a few that have kept me interested in writing my own by reading theirs. I'd like to spread the love to everybody in the sidebar but that would be one gigantic post. Plus I've got some more fine blogs to add... So we'll call this Part 1 (in no particular order):

See Kyle Draw
The first blog that yanked my attention and enticed me into reading regularly many months ago. I'm also a sucker for pretty colors. Buy his paintings!

Ridiculous Raw Youth
The first blog to link (or should that be "out") me. He also helped me get through the initial coming out experience probably more than he realizes. Thanks, Sir.

Search For Love in Manhattan
The more I read the more I wanted to keep reading. Faustus can write my biography any day. Or my obituary whichever comes first.

Stop Touching My Food.
I always thought maybe I'm a long lost California native. Chad makes me want to take a trip out west.

Sardonic Bomb
On the way to Cali I would love to hang out with Scott and his impeccable taste in men. I'd like to take his picture too.

Perpetually pleasant pop culture commentary and life in DC. And he wrote an ode to his penis.

The Travling Spotlight
It's gay neurosis slipping some tongue to stand-up comedy. Patrick always makes me laugh out loud.

Why aren't there more girls on this list? I know they are out there. But they have to live up to Madam Tuna. And she's got monkeys about the same age as mine.

Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven
Yes, I too have been sucked into Toddy's inescapable vortex of words and wit (and the occasional wet willie?).

Articulatory Loop
Michael's got a relationship with food and health and other matters of intrigue that I can only aspire to.

More to come!


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rich said...

i can't keep up with all these great blogs... brilliant writers. don't sell yourself short here; you definitely belong up there - not just in how you write but what you write.