Monday, February 07, 2005

Where the Wild Things Are...

I've been linked! How'd that happen? Anyways, go visit Raw Youth so i can return the favor.

It is a little crazy that someone finds my world interesting. I honestly thought I would be a complete turn off to most of the people in my sidebar. I'd have been content to just be a lurker.

At first there was a tingling sensation of initial shock (No lie.), followed by a nervous twitch of "Holy heck! If it's this easy, someone's gonna figure it out!"(probably so) and then I calmed down after the blood rushed back to my head and thought "Hey, actually, wow that's cool."(it is) It's all about those baby steps to an eventual end. So for now, I am indeed happy to have an acknowledgment. It's inspiring. There's no turning back now.

In other news, I was just almost backed over by the UPS truck while my wife was telling me on the phone that monkey No. 1 was claiming to be a clone of himself and shouldn't have to go to school today. This at age 4. Can't wait for what's to come. Of course the first I want to do now was blog about it. Guess I'm an addict. But then again, looks like you are as well ;)



Alan said...

LOL "Claiming to be a clone of himself." Love it....too funny.

Anyway, just found your blog from "Raw youth." Welcome to the blogosphere.

Tuna Girl said...

You're in for it now. You've been linked! ;-)

I spent a few minutes reading your blog today and was really touched. The writing is excellent and really gives us a glimpse into you. I wish there were more blogs like this.

Godspeed. (Ugh. I need to stop saying that!)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Very Interesting. I bet you've never been linked by a drag queen before...

Wanda Wisdom

jimg said...

welcome to the blog world. best wishes with all the coming out decisions. I will be watching.

Signalite said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate the support!

Pua; Bakin' and Tendin' Bar said...

Followed TunaGirl over. As usual. ;)

Like Alan, I nearly spit my coffee over the "clone of himself" comment. As wholly intelligent and precocious as I think my kids are, that comment was over the top funny. Good stuff.

Welcome to the Blogdom Simon.