Monday, March 21, 2005

Time's a wastin'.

I'm stealing this from Matt via Googlism. Some of my favorites with unnecessary commentary:
simon is worthy of your vote - Could be.
simon is surprisingly strong - Should be.
simon is a god - Well, duh.
simon is - And you are.
simon is a game - beep, boop, beep, beep, bap, boop.
simon is smudge's brother - I alway's had a feeling...
simon is in the room - Do not disturb.
simon is still at play - Chuggachugga choo choo...
simon is ill - Beware of flying projectiles.
simon is easy - Who told you!?
simon is geboren deel twee - ...der flim is okey dokey.
simon is not like austin powers - Yeah baby!
simon is like austin powers - Yeah baby!
simon is a doofus candidate - Probably.
simon is missing in a layer of the abyss - Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
simon is terug - I think it's Dutch?
simon is the gladiator - Rock.
simon is at 35% - But space is filling up fast!
simon is hypocrital at times - No I'm not. I mean yes I am.
simon is still hot - So use potholders.
simon is a rock band and you're not - I knew that.
simon is a killer on the loose - I know where you live.
simon is not a well teddy - Send me presents.
simon is here - Dammit man, love me tender!
simon is home - No I'm not...
simon is a regular participant - Ahem.
simon is like - Buttah.
simon is not like - Michael Jackson.
simon is quick with his jab - Shazam!
simon is a megamillionaire - But I'm not sharing unless you're cute.
simon is not only a talented singer - But a baritone to boot.
simon is gone - Seeya.
simon is on cue - Of course.
simon is our first dog - Woof!
simon is clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the george washington university in washington - Good god.
simon is kimberly - Indeed.
simon is not a walrus - CooCooKachoo
simon is a guy who just has too much time on his hands and chooses to spend it bothering people through the mail - You can't prove anything.
simon is laying hands on this man for healing - But I'm not dead yet!
simon is modular and is flexible to configure - I know you want me now.
simon is 18 - I hope not.
simon is the author of over 200 highly acclaimed science books - Wow, I impress even myself.
simon is even stronger and more featured filled than before - Bahahahaha!
simon is the wise colleague who needs to be on every curriculum committee - Because I have so much free time these days.
simon is shot - Through the heart and your to blame.
simon is told that jack has been put in charge of the website and simon is in charge of the genetic research - Yay!
simon is now - Word.
simon is er niet meer op woensdag 14 november 2001 is hij gestorven aan een maagkanteling - Note to self: add Dutch to list of languages to learn before I expire.
simon is a successful nebraska businessman with a strong record of creating jobs in the community - because I'm good like that.
simon is wealthy - In mind only...
simon is a character actor with extensive experience across the whole spectrum of the industry - Um, no thanks.
simon is a great composer in ambient/dub music too - Wow, I rock.
simon is more than just accommodation - At your service.


(Warning: this PostScript is rated "R".)
Hmmm, I wonder what would happen if you typed "my cock" in Googlism...


rich said...

ok.. this post made me laugh.. i'd do one myself but my witty self is not up to it right now... he's fast asleep.

David W Quinn said...

Too funny. One of mine when I did my name was (I kid you not):

David is... cumming

rich said...

some randomness i thought you might enjoy and i'd share...