Monday, March 28, 2005

Ever Need a Vacation From Your Days of Rest?

I was working on this self absorbed, introspective mess of a post. But then I read it and chucked it. My life does not suck as much as it could and I need to get over it. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Oh yeah, monkeys!

Younger Monkey is kind of like a face-sucker alien. Usually his daily greeting when I walk in the door is "Upside-Down?" or "Climb?" because he knows daddy is a glutton for punishment like that. He likes to climb up any given person like he's braving Everest. He'll latch on like a psychotic koala cub and proceed to yank onto clothing and hair for dear life. To complete his ascension there is an attempt to stand up on the shoulders of said mountain (read: dad) bounce up and down and proclaim a wookie-esque victory grunt. It usually takes something akin to the jaws of life (read: mom) to pry him off. There is usually some pain on my behalf, you know, it's the loving kind of kick to the groin area. After which it's time to "Try again?" When he's not doing this he's usually swinging around some hapless toy with a device like the toy pliers (poor Kermit). He will either conquer or destroy the the world someday, I am sure of this.

In this respect, if Younger Monkey is the Mad Scientist meets Ghengis Kahn then Elder Monkey is probably more like Undercover Ninja meets Alexander the Great. Yesterday he built an intricate and beautiful city that stretched through most of the living room, something that resembled a lost ruin that has been submerged for centuries and suddenly excavated. Younger monkey kept trying to play Godzilla and knock it to pieces, so we tried to distract him with Play-Doh. Upon which Elder monkey was done building since Play-Doh was now present. He then brought a volcano to life complete with erupting lava flow which may or may not have something to do with the erratic destruction of said lost city.

I sent off a one time use camera that had been sitting around for a while. I just got back some new pictures of the boys in their Halloween costumes. From two years ago. Developing film is always an adventure. The usual protocol for a roll of film is to get used and then ferment for a while until we forget completely what's on them. I like unexpected pleasantries and since nothing really evokes shock or surprise in me much these days, this is usually a sure fire way to get a few. Because of this, I have not replaced this method with a digital camera. (Both grandpas have the digital side of things taken care of so I'm certainly not worried about NOT having enough pictures.) The monkey's are so damn cute sometimes I can't even believe they are mine. :)

Yesterday was Easter. Yeah. Don't have much to say about the spiritual/religious/commercial aspect of it. As I said before there is usually a gathering of some sort for every holiday and birthday. I was a little nervous since it was the first time the rest of her family has seen me, since all this went down. So I showed up near the end to try and stymie any weird vibes. It seemed to be okay, but again, I'm not good at reading other's outer shell. My dad came over and he seems to be getting over his odd behavior around me as well. Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend doing whatever it is you do on these kinds of holidays.

I've been remembering my dreams a lot more lately also. Last night was some story about a group of siblings trying to escape their house that had an abusive guardian. I couldn't tell if he/she was male or female but it kind of reminded me of a demonic Rosanne. But I'm happy to report that the refugees made it to the safety of some distant star.


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rich said...

everytime i read a post with your monkeys in the picture, i can't help but think of how the dad in In America interacted with his kids... and feel envious... and extremely happy for you at the same time.

take care of the monkeys.