Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The New Order

This week marks the first week of the new "regular" routine. My wife started a new job Monday as did the boys a new preschool. Since we were trying to save money by not sending them to daycare, Mama worked at night and on weekends at the local video rental establishment. Suffice to say, her new job during the day pays significantly better and she doesn't have to push crap on ungrateful customers. Not that she wasn't superb at it. Most of her family have the natural abilities to sell just about anything to anyone. But anyways she likes it much better.

Because of this Monkey no. 2 wasn't in school at all so we had to find a new place that would take both of them all day. We actually kind of like this one a little better, but I think it was damn lucky we found one that was taking kids this late in the year. They like it pretty well. New lunch boxes were purchased (Elder=Spiderman Younger=Bob the Builder) upon which I promptly drew pictures of each of them. Handy Tip: Always marry into a family who used to run a hardware store because they'll know how to take permanent marker off of a metal lunch box without stripping the paint if you make a mistake.

Last night, for a brief time, our little family was together just like old times. I picked the monkeys up from preschool and they accompanied me to the gym. We ate dinner together, had a splashfest in the bathtub, and requisite Wrestlemania session in the lving room. Monkey No. 1 requested a song tonight in bed and fell right to sleep. Meanwhile, Monkey No. 2 wiggled and jabbered on while trying to stand on his head under the pillows. Business as usual. I think Rufus should write me a lullaby to sing.

...And Because I am a Sheep...

We even watched American Idol together now that I'm stupidly obsessed with it for this season. If I can avoid the hook from the beginning of any said show I am safe. But this (she and I both do this) is like the time she started watching the second season of Survivor and then we had to finish it. I can safely avoid most of these situations but AI is like the ultimate smorgasbord for those celibate on TV culture and pop music. Or crack. I've never tried it but I'm sure the addiction is similar.

For those of you who dig on this kind of thing, and since we are down to the top ten, here's my overly-geek, condensed "Simon Says" list, in order of their current standing in my mind based on last nights performances. (Um, yeah the name is just a coincidence by the way although I agree with him most of the time):

  1. Nadia - You just rock. Most improved from last week and oozing with stage presence. I would love for you to win but I think your a little too eccentric for some fellow sheep.
  2. Carrie - Perhaps a little too perfect for my taste but when you sing, it's flawless. My predicted winner of the whole shebang.
  3. Vonzell - You continue to surprise me. Wasn't she the one who got on the wrong bus in LA?
  4. Nikko - I really wish I could distinguish R&B songs a bit more. You were indeed electric but I had to struggle to remember what you sang.
  5. Constantine - I can't put my finger on what it is I don't like. My wife said you kind of remind her of a child molester. (Unfortunately, I think I resemble you a bit in looks, voice, and song selection, so thanks for ruining any chance of my making it on the show :P.)
  6. Jessica - Good try girl. They're all rootin' for you down here in your hometown.
  7. Bo - I really like your style sir but I don't think you'll make it.
  8. Scott - Hmmmmmm, didn't you sing that last week?
  9. Anthony - I feel so bad for you, sir. You gave it a shot. Us nice guys gotta stick together.
  10. Anwar - Yikes. Sorry sir. I predict you or Anthony will be going.



aaron said...

Monkey No. 2 is my kinda kid!

Billy said...

Simon, your blog kicks ass. I love the style you write in. You're life sounds like it could turn into a book ;) Thanks for visiting my blog and blogrolling it. I'll get yours listed soon when I can remember the password for blogrolling, lol

Christian said...

Yay! Another AI convert! You are now under the control of every advertiser in the free world...HA!

I got hooked on that darn show in the second season. Now it's like an addiction of the worst kind. And don't even get me STARTED on the new STAR SEARCH with Arsenio Hall...

Christian said...

Oh yeah...I was going to ask if you cared to make a prediction as to who you think will be the next American Idol? I'm in full agreement with your standings currently...and I think either Scott, Anwar, or Anthony will be the next to go. I was rooting for Anthony (that whole underdog thing), but he's really disappointed. There's no "spark" in his performances. And Anwar? He's got what I call "shark eyes." They never smile. I can see Scotty being a back-up singer, but not a superstar.