Thursday, March 17, 2005

Tiny Planets

The latest infatuation the monkeys have is a show called Tiny Planets. It features a pair of inquisitive fuzzy fellows who go flying off into space on an equally fuzzy couch, exploring different planets to learn about sound, technology, nature, etc. Oh yeah and electronic dance music. It reminds me of something I might have come up with given the proper The littler one, Bong, is temperamental, silly and makes high pitch squealing sounds. The bigger one, Bing, is a little more mellow and organized and has a bag out of which he pulls unbelievably sized nifty contraptions (like Mary Poppins carpet bag). If there was ever a show my monkeys could relate with it would be this one.

We were watching it last night before bed and much bouncing and giggling ensued. Given the way kids innocently mispronounce words, you'd think that they could have thought of a better name for their alien neighbors besides "flockers".

I dig it because it shows them brushing their teeth as part of the nightly ritual. Elder monkey has been putting up a struggle when it's that time. He'll be careening off the walls and then I say those magic words he becomes instant comatose dead weight. With the knowledge that he won't be going to bed without brushing his teeth. It's so extremely pathetic but a clever last ditch attempt to stay up. Nice try buddy-boy get your butt in there and brush those choppers. I just can't wait for his first dentist visit (shudder). Younger monkey seems to be taking it in stride. He just won't stay in bed afterwards.

When I got them to bed, one of those nature movies on Hi-Def TV was on. And all of the sudden the planet didn't seem all that tiny, but I sure did.



Anonymous said...

Simom - you so rock! As both a dad, and a person!

Charlie said...

Awww, thats so sweet! I don't remember my dad watching those silly shows with me. You seem like a really cool dad Simon.

Carl Holiday said...

So this is a PBS children's program?
And, one of the characters has a high pitched voice and the other carries a handbag.
You let your boys watch that?
Simon, you must be one heck of a dad.

Jeremy said...

Hey...I've actually seen that show! Every now and again I'll be flipping through the channels before I leave for work and I'll see those freaky little creatures riding around space on a couch. I'm 23 years old and I'm embarassed to admit that I've sat through at least two full episodes. :)

Signalite said...

Anonymous - Thanks, I do try.

Charlie - I'd like to think I'm as much of a monkey sometimes as my boys.

Carl - Ah the joys of educational programming. At least the animation is a zillion times better than say, Thomas the Train.

Jeremy - Don't be ashamed. I'm 27 and I'd probably watch it myself even if I didn't have kids. :)