Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day Off Not Off Day

All the recent cleaning and hacking and expulsion of mold particles caught up with me yesterday when I woke up so I decided to take the day off work and proceeded to do absolutely nothing.

I felt better pretty much within the morning but, gee, I seemed to have misplaced my pants and car keys. What really is one to do? So I catch up with a few important details like perusing blogs, eating hard boiled eggs and watching Dancing Spiderman (and friends!). Everyone should watch Dancing Spiderman. Go ahead I'll wait.

I got to greet monkeys when the bus came home, my dad and step-mom came over for while and then the boyfriend brought dinner over.

Later, we went to Target to purchase a cast-iron dutch oven that only Target carries (on sale!). I had one to offer him, but since this particular model was highly recommended by America's Test Kitchen it's the only one he'd bother with. Kitchen items are his toys. Not surprisingly, everything he has cooked has always hit the right notes and I am surprised I'm not more chunky. Maybe since I get to carry heavy things like dutch ovens. I must also remember this if I ever need to knock someone out from above. You never know.

I intended to end the evening early but my bedroom was still waiting for aid from FEMA. So, I stayed up until the wee morning hours reclaiming my territory and I'm having feelings that the end of the mess is nigh! Either that or I'm having gas.

Unfortunately, I may have cleaned too well as I still can't find my car keys.


vuboq said...

Did you find your pants?

Signalite said...

Vuboq: It all depends on who I'm with.

Brian said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around Dancing Spiderman.

goblinbox said...


Lee said...

It's obvious that Dancing Spider Man has hidden yer keys and pants while you were watching the video!

David said...

~sigh~ what I wouldn't give for a boyfriend hiding my pants.