Friday, September 21, 2007

So You Wanna Be A Cub Scout?

I know one person who does at least.

Elder Monkey loves his little brother, but he gets annoyed with him so much more frequently than he used to. So I find it perfectly logical that he should want to seek out another social circle with other kids that won't turn him into a pretzel with their telekinesis.

As I was never inclined as a child to do things like go outside (ew!) and all that brotherly bonding stuff, I'll readily admit I'm not the best when it comes to encouraging such activities.

But that's me and not him. So we went to see what all it entails last night.

On the plus Cub Scouts is a different beast than Boy Scouts where parental involvement seems much more integral, which I'm all for. It would certainly get him out of the house, whereas I throw them outside now only after I've hacked at the lawn every six months or so. Elder Monkey seemed especially keen on the whole prospect of the Pinewood Derby.

Oh, and archery. His only questionto the scout leader was whether they'd get to do archery. He was all over that. Which given his propensity for shooting blunt objects, I suppose the least he could do is learn to aim. Famous last words.

I am also not so thrilled for various reasons that are probably just paranoia. It reminds me of what it was like going to church. Not the least of which is how much I kept reading about an emphasis on "duty to God" throughout the literature. Also that it strangely feels like am signing him up for the mini-military.

Are there any former Cub Scouts out there that can share their experience?


vuboq said...

I was in the Cub Scouts. I'm pretty sure that's what turned me gay. Ha! I kid!

It was the Scoutmaster!

Ha! I kid again.

Seriously, I loved Cub Scouts. My mom was the Den Mother (Leader?). Of course, my family was all into the God-stuff, so I didn't notice it being overly preachy. I don't think it was. Mostly we did crafts and learned to tie knots.

And it was the start of my uniform fetish.

Faustus, M.D. said...

I recently appeared in a play as a Cub Scout in the woods who ended up sleeping with the Eagle Scout leading the field trip.

So I don't have much experience, but there are certain areas in which I could give you a lot of information.

Dean said...

When I was an administrator at at elementary school I was asked to helped the Boy Scouts schedule some events at school - and have time in each 5th grade class to speak to the students.

I refused.

The principal inquired why I was unwilling to help, and I told her, "They are an incredibly prejudiced organization, and I will do nothing to help them. I'd rather take a day off without pay than be here when they're on campus".

I ended up taking a day off - with pay - when they came to do they're little presentations. I was also never the administrator that had to stay on campus for their weekly gatherings.

Just do a Google search for "gay boy scout" and see what you find... things like this, as an example:

Dean said...

Did I really say "they're" when I meant "their"? Shit.

Taylor The Latte Boy said...

I was a cub scout, and I remember really liking the time I spent with my den. I don't remember it being too preachy and think that if you find that the group your son is in is spouting off stuff you are uncomfortable with, then it may be time to look into other activities with him.

Ironicall, I almost shot an arrow at my entire group when i was at CubScout Camp the summer between 4th and 5th grade, so when you talked about archery, that was the first thing to come to mind. We were practicing archery, and someone called my name as I drew back and I turned around to face the other kids who were sitting on logs behind me.

Never seen a bunch of 9 year olds jump up in the air so fast in all my life....

Mike said...

I agree with Taylor. I think it really depends on the troop you end up in. Mine was fine, not overly religious, and the experience gave me a chance to bond with my workaholic dad since there weren't many other "guy" things I wanted to do...or was very good at. That said, this was back in the 70s, before it became well known as an organization that discriminates against us.

Now that the antigay policy has been upheld by them, I'd have second thoughts before signing up a young one and try to look for alternatives.

VJnet said...

I was a Cub Scout and Boy Scout and made up to 1st Class. One merit badge away from the prestigious "Eagle Scout." I enjoyed the scouts. I found my love for nature and learned a lot of outdoor skills. I recall leaning a bunch about Native Americans and how to respect the land... leaving it as you found it and stuff like that. Camping was always exciting. We even did it in the Winter time and played in the snow. I suppose you don't get much off the fluffy white stuff in sunny Florida ;) We did go on skiing trips, camporiees, hiked the Appellation trail, rock claiming and it was fun making pine wood derby cars with my Dad. Plus my younger brother was in the scouts with me, too.

I'd say let the Monkey play with the Cubs. Who knows maybe one day you might be stranded in the middle of the great outdoors and it's handy to have a little Monkey that can build a shelter, build a fire and tell ya campfire stories. Whatever you do, don't send them to be that Kid Nation TV show. lol

David said...

I was a Cub Scout, a Wolf Scout and a Weeblo. They were all fine. We did lots of craftlike things and the pinewood derby was certainly fine, although I had no facility with tools. No one was overly mean to me, and as a sensitive kid, I was certainly a target. I did hate the uniform, though. Which reminds me, there will me money involved, since you have to buy the uniform, plus any activities they go on that cost money.

It wasn't until Boy Scouts that things turned ugly, and that's when I quit.