Friday, January 20, 2006

Wide Open Spaces

The best things about going to work at 5 'o clock-ish in the AM:

  • There's no one on the roads or bridges. (Sometimes it seems like you're flying...)

  • There's no one at work. (My productivity decreases exponentially after 9AM...)

  • Playing my music really, REALLY LOUD. (An empty warehouse often makes a great concert hall...)

  • Belting to said music really, REALLY LOUD. (Madame Butterfly, Shakira or Fatboy Slim? All three of course...)

  • Breaking into my silly white-boy groove at any given time. (Because it feels good when no one's looking...)

So there are times when it's good to be alone. (Okay, back to work with you slave boy!)



Michael said...

I'm right there with you (well, except for the 5 am bit...I get in just before 8)!

Also I still play my music all day long: my boss periodically comes in and quizzes me on how it can be possible that I like opera but *also* metal/punk/hiphop/pop/whateverI'vegotonathtemoment. Then he goes away again, which is the bit I like.

David said...

On the flip side, the advantage of not having to get to the office until 10AM means the subways are less crowded, as is the gym, and the sun is already up.

Chef Dean said...

Slave boy? Huh? Where? HHmm....

Lee said...

"(Because it feels good when no one's looking...)"

Er...just make sure there ain't any surveillance cameras around! ;-)