Monday, January 23, 2006

From The Desk Of...

So it seems the marvelous mr. twentysomething has given me a chance at a meme. And this one involves pretty pictures so there we go. Does the desktop make the man? If so I've got a split personality disorder.

Hm. I've got a threesome of computers that I use equally every day. So it's only fair to show all three (er, or not fair...don't hate.) If computers have that same love/hate syndrome that we do with our lovers (although I've yet to have any firsthand knowledge of such things) does this make me a playa?

Machine No. 1 - aka "Zeus (Type-A Workorse)"

Don't be fooled by the amount of room on the surface. There's a folder on here that is threatening to burst if you sneeze the wrong way.

Machine No. 2 - aka "Jan Brady (Sensitive Middle Child)"

This is actually one snippet of a much larger picture. Maybe I'll finish it in time for next winter...

Machine No. 3 - aka "Johnny Appleseed (Slow-Ass Delivery Boy)"

This image was commisioned for a nifty banner for mr. ridiculous raw youth. This is also a more accurate representation of my real life desktop. Or should I just say my real life.

I don't tag. But feel free to play along and link to yours in the comments if you do. Started by mr. madlife and you can also see a whole lot more in one place courtesy of mr. stop touching my food.



Flip said...

Hey Simon, thanks for showing us yours. Here's mine. Mobius Flip

Patrick said...

Ooh, pretty. Do you take requests? :)