Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sketch o' the Day ~ Unfinished No. 1

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Yikes. I fell asleep in the middle of this one. It seems some things take precedence and I haven't yet learned to draw in my sleep.

But that's okay.

Although if my hand decided to take initiative that would be a very Evil Dead kind of moment. Good thing I don't own a chainsaw.

This does bring up a question about what is considered finished and unfinished. These are supposed to be only sketches after all so I'm actually not all that bothered that it's not "finished". I believe the rule is a thousand bad drawings before you start to do good ones. In my case, I have a gazillion pieces of warped lines and spaces that were showing signs of life and never emerged from the fuzzy limbo.

Truth be told, the point of the daily sketch is first and foremost an exercise in the immediate, to cultivate an idea and become faster at it's development. I'm trying to learn to indulge in the brevity instead of the labor. As I have the tendency to do with many things...

Thus, I will have sketches that I will have to deem "Unfinished". Besides, most artists have sketchbooks with unrelenting amounts of raw ideas that are never seen or heard. Time doesn't turn them sour but hopefully can one day spark something grander.


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