Friday, August 04, 2006

Three Things About Dreams


Last night I dreamed about being at the head of a protest march that was a single file line of people dancing and I was leading them holding a staff that I had to squeeze with all my might in order to make electricity in my body keep the sputtering bulb from going out. We were chanting "Power of the sun, power to the sun." The sky was green, I was dressed in a black robe, there were old friends and new friends and people that I weren't sure were people. Beforehand we had met to have drinks and everyone was worried because I don't drink. I'm not sure if what I drunk was alcohol but it was brightly colored and steaming. So I had eggs instead. The march ended when the sky started to drip into a massive waveand like a wallflower sick of being on the sidelines, exploded like a banshee and ate the crowd.


"Daddy, why can't we watch the Care Bears?"

"Because they will eat your dreams along with your soul and spit them back up in an irretrievable vomitous mass."

"Oh, ok."


This comic sums up basically everything I've been feeling the last few days: Dreams ~ found via joey comeau


David said...

What's so bad about the Care Bears? They're vapid but, really.

Friends don't let friends drink and protest.

krystyn said...

You should let them watch My Little Pony instead. Because those ponies are f#%ing cool.

Nice to know someone has dreams as bizzare as mine.

Signalite said...

David: Because they wouldn't let me join their elitist cult in the sky. Good thing I didn't get that tattoo on my stomach now...

krystyn: You know the wave of venom in my dream? Kinda like smooze.