Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rich! Strong! Free!

Top Ten Reasons That It's Time To Wake Up:

10. "I'm free!" Fling!
9. "Daddy, he's doing it again!" Squish!
8. "I'm rich!" Crash!
7. "I'm strong!" Whack!
6. "Um, eckshuze me." Whack!
5. "Help me!" Whack!
4. "Yaarg!" Pounce! (Yogurt edition!)
3. "Yaarg!" Pounce! (Face edition!)
2. "Yaarg!" Pounce! (Naked edition!)
2. "Yaaaarg!" Pounce! (Triple Combo!)
1. "I'm free!" Door slam!

At least I'm not bored. I need a nap.


Sharon said...

I have to laugh at this. I do get up early on the weekends only to fall asleep right after breakfast. Then I doze in my chair while listening to the tax breaks run rampant through the house. Then I wake up to quiet and panic.

Signalite said...

Sharon: Allegedly, number 11-20 occur when I have passed out on the couch after breakfast.

Flip said...

Nice to check in and find a happy dad at home.

Take care.


Larry said...

Maybe you should buy an aligator!

I'm teasing :) But if that whole triple combo thing is a frequent event, you might want to invest in a dunk tank to de-yogurt the monkeys. They'd probably enjoy it!


Michael said...

The mental movie you have just provided me will keep my smiling for a while. heh

Now, I have at least 2 years before my little nephew might be pulling the same thing I did to my grandma.

8am Monkey "Uncle Michael?"
Me "Yeah...what? Hello? B is that you?"
Monkey "Cartoons aren't on yet"
Me "Oh..yeah...Saturday.."