Monday, August 14, 2006

Take Me To The River

Here's a logic puzzle to drive you crazy, just because well...why not?

River IQ Game

Here's how to play, unless you can read Chinese. (In which case, teach me please!)

Hit the big blue circle to start.

The object: Try to get everyone to the other side of the river.

There are 8 people: Mom, Dad, Two Sons, Two Daughters, A Thief and A Policeman.

The rules:
1. Only two people maximum on the raft at a time.
2. Only the mom, dad, and policeman can operate the raft.
3. At any time, the mother can't be left alone with the sons.
4. At any time, the dad can't be left alone with the daughters.
5. At any time, the thief can't be left alone with any of the family.

Just take a deep breath and don't panic if you get stuck. But mainly you should play it so you can see people randomly assault each other when you make a wrong move. :P

Have fun!

PS, If you're stumped just email me and I'll send you the solution.


Matty said...

That was fun. They looked like they were doing some kind of salute at the end.

tornwordo said...

Oh I've done that before. Took me like 2 hours (frustrating hair pulling, why am I such an idiot hours) to figure it out.

Aren't you the sadistic one. lol

Signalite said...

Matty: I'm glad you liked it. Some people will hate me for this...

Tornwordo: Far be it from me not bring the rest of the blogosphere down with me.

The Persian said...

Happy Birthday Alden :) Ok so I'm late, but still.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Happy Birthday, Alden. I've seen your art, but didn't know you had a blog until Paul (helloroc) told me.
I hope everything is going well for you.

Jon Cox said...

Happy Birthday Alden!!!! I came over from Michaels blog. I love your art!!!! You do such beautiful wonderful work! Keep it up! :o)

Ms. S'ghetti said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

And PS. That logic puzzle successfully wasted a good portion of my work day. Thank you ;)

Larry said...

So why can't the mother be left along with the sons? She was one of those "cool moms" that bought them drugs and alcohol, wasn't she?