Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sketch o' the Day ~ As The Crow Flies

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Tako-san realized only too late that he shouldn't have taken flight instruction at a discount store run by shady elephants.


sis said...

oh hooray!!! tako san! best sushi maker in japan.
now you have to draw a seahorse (or seadragon?!). yes yes.

Marty Gilbert said...

You know what Monkeys like to read and see.
Was this from the Aquariun Journey?
There are lots of sites to help you assemble a childrens book. Your words and stories combined with your colorful visuals. you use color as tempiture in a visual state. i'd buy it!!!! Nothing ventured nothing gained. Youve got a gold mind in your head. start digging Go man go

VJnet said...

Love your works! Some of them are my Mac's wallpaper :) Hope all is well.

Adam said...

Weeeeee!! I love love love this one.

Lee said...

It's a cousin of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! ;-)