Saturday, July 29, 2006



Something sits on forehead.

Daddy, why are you still asleep.

Ekshuze me, um, daddy. I have a idea.

Daddy, get up. Daddy, get up. Daddy, get up.

Apple juice.

Find toaster. Check for roaches. Empty crumbs from toaster.

Waffles. Lego waffles. Lego Eggo waffles. Get it?

Daddy, out of apple juice.

Waffles too hot!

Okay milk then.

Pour milk at the table.

My cup. No, my cup. No, my cup, my cup!

Pour milk on the table. Pour milk on the floor.

Eat smash spill growl roar fling wee~!

Rumble of garbage truck.



Daddy, why are you still asleep.


Marty Gilbert said...

Yes the screenplay must come from the perspective of the Monkeys.

Tuna Girl said...

Ha! I just woke up. :P

David said...

At some point, the monkeys will no longer want or need your help and you will remember this time rather wistfully.

Aaron said...

this sounds like our house, just replace Daddy with Mikey and the milk with coffee

Larry said...

Someday these will be fond memories, and you will want to have them back :)

krystyn said...

that sounds familiar...

Melissa said...

I find it personally appalling that the marketing people at Eggo took 70 years to finally create Lego Eggos. I mean, really.

Matty the Damned said...

Here's hoping the monkeys don't end up giving sloppy blowjobs to truck drivers at rest stops in ten years time, like Daddy does.

Love your work Simon!


Gayest Neil said...