Monday, July 17, 2006

50/50: No. 1~10

I'll do this in chunks. Here's the first ten:

No. 1 - Michael - What is your favorite song you are embarrassed of? I'm not embarrassed of any song, if it's one that I like. If anything, the embarrassment stems from the awkward spasms and physical interpretation of my body that occur during the song. I'm of the same failed Taylor Hicks science experiment that got loose from the lab.

No. 2 - I can't speak any foreign languages with any real degree of fluency but I can sing in Russian, Italian and Japanese.

No. 3 - Brian - If guaranteed an honest response to any three questions, who and what would you ask?
The only thing I am truly curious about is how or why people know some kind of god exists. I don't fully trust in science but I've never experienced anything that tells me a higher power is out there, the way others have said it happens to them. If truth is guaranteed, my first instinct is instead to ask three people who did exist only one question; Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha, regardless of your creed or moral code that you wish to spread, were you telling the truth about god or were you just playing the people to make them listen to you?

No. 4 - We adopted a dog from the pound once whose hair was shaved and scheduled to be terminated because she had the devil in her. This was the sweetest dog I've ever met.

No. 5 - Jess - If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Until there is a reason for me to leave, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else but here. Sure, it's Florida, it's hot, it's hurricane-ridden, it's home-cooked, southern style Baptist prejudice with gravy and I'm here 'til it sinks and I float out to sea. With that in mind, I've never actually BEEN anywhere so certainly this could change given the right circumstance. Every once in a while I feel a gravitational pull to California but that may just be aliens messing with my mind.

No. 6 - I'd like to travel around the entire globe once. Preferably in a rocket ship.

No. 7 - Nillo - What do you think the biggest misconception about you is?
That I am an endearing, young, Christian, straight guy. I get this all the time from people based on my looks. I would have to contest all of these things equally. Once you've set a precedent for most of your life...

No. 8 - Other than that, a) I never had bedtime stories read to me, b) I don't have a special thinking spot, c) I've never been in a fist fight and d) the cruelest person I've ever known has been myself. I could twist a knife in your side like nobody's business. I simply choose not to.

No. 9 - Anony - Is there an item/amulet/keyring that you carry everyday with you?
Not currently. Any items of this nature are doomed to be lost eventually. I don't even wear a watch.

No. 10 - I like pocket-watches. They are far more intriguing than wrist watches. Especially if they doubled as a compass. I don't know that I've ever seen one that does that though, but mine would.

Keep the questions coming. I've enough to get me to 36. Remember, one question per person, whatever you want, and I match it with something of my own. Can you get me to 50? ;)


Nillo said...

Oh my! I will be sure to keep the cutlery away from you ;-) You actually inspired to do the same thing on my own website - open up a call for questions. I hope I get as many response as you have so far. You've had a lot of people respond ...

Brian said...

Yay! Good answers. :-)

cb said...

I've got a question: Simpsons or Family Guy?

Patrick said...

When you were a kid, what superpower were you convinced you had? (I was able to read minds and influence people to do my evil bidding.)

Michael said...

Would you consider yourself a realist, a romantic, or a romanticist? (not sure if I spelled the last one right) AND, how would you define them?