Friday, July 28, 2006


...playing a stage I've never seen before of my favorite video game series there are four levels that you jump down through each with adifferent type of energy to deflect but i can't get past it and then I realize that if I lose here entire countries will get bombed in real life. But then it turns into a talent contest where you sing with Led Zeppelin but it's actually just that guy in Guitar Hero only they are all little kids. There are two young girls on the stage who are probably sisters with braids and blond streaks. Then Madge shows up flying through the air, hoisted on a wire pulling a curtain but she's dressed like a caterpillar and the outfit is actually alive and keeps squirming and making her sweat profusely. Then she comes down and we are backstage and she passes out our Chemistry exam, but nobody is interested. Someone starts playing the violin badly and gets stuck on a repeating loop playing that one line that says "You're Gonna Love Me" from that song in that Dreamgirls thing. Then Fiona Apple comes to class, I try to get an autograph for Bob, but she's too busy talking and walking through the neon blue water that you aren't supposed to be walking in and we scream like valley girls when we discover we have the same birthday...

I haven't slept properly in a few months.


Michael said...

Now one of my favorit Bob Dylan quotes is "I'll let ya be in my dream if I can be in yours." I'm starting to wonder now :)

I'd trade ya but I don't remember dreaming 99 percent of the time.

Adam said...

Yes, if you're dreaming about Madge you definately have issues. Sometimes I think I see her when I'm awake. What does that make me?