Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Partners in Crime

I've got the boys during the days for two weeks until school starts.

Today, the Elder Monkey and I sat at the dining room table drawing pictures for mom. The Younger Monkey was entertaining himself nearby, tooling in and out of various rooms never quite out of sight long enough to worry and making various action figures with missing limbs fly/crash/repeat with dubious intent while making that "BYYEEEEAAARRRR" noise. Books were read, music was playing, we were calm, we were happy and it was good.

The Younger Monkey has now discovered he can open the fridge by himself. While he's still young enough that this can all be rather cute in the right circumstances, I've had many cold bottles of apple juice dropped in my lap without warning. If he can't open it, which is everything worth eating, he'll bring it to you and shove it into your personal space with an "Ekshuze me..."

Upon the roundup to converge at the pool I noticed a plastic muffin tray, on the couch, that had not an hour earlier been filled with large Sweetbay blueberry muffins. The obvious culprit feigned all knowledge and there was none of the usual evidence. Not a crumb nor wrapper to be found. Even the adhesive label that latched it shut seemed to have vanish.

The thing about having the boys for two weeks is, if we hang around at their house instead of mine they get A/C and a pool, which is currently their favorite thing ever. As a bonus, I get a third young one to contend with. About six months old, furry, howls at sopranos, digs holes inappropriately. You know the kind. This one's name is Foxie.

The Younger Monkey and Foxie are pals, oh yes.

So to recap I've got a dog who may have eaten an entire tray of blueberry muffins, unless I find them stuffed down her accomplice's diaper. She's currently serving time in the nearest high-security cell since it seems an entire tray of blueberry muffins makes young pups bounce and nip with unbridled passion. I can tell that I'm in for it when her parole starts.


David said...

I have to confess the whole thing sounds delightfully adorable, but of course, I'm not actually there dealing with it.

Marty Gilbert said...

With your love for the Monkeys and your Art who needs a boyfriend you think the dog is tough to take care of try training a boyfriend. no theres nothing like the touch of anoughter human. looking back i passed over many good people for good looks and a quick fix.

Put in your mind and think endlessly about Mr Right someone your attracted to who also loves your art and children. For that you have to look beyond the surface.
for a feeling you get in that persons presence. You can pay for Mr right now. Start thinking of the type of guy that will love and care for you and the Monkeys put thoes thoughts in you mind and your body then knows where to go find him.