Monday, July 03, 2006

I Have Know Idea

Mr. Love Lemming, in his infinite wisdom, sent me a funny-haha flash thingy regarding the previously explored topic of ThunderCATS.

I sent it around this morning at work describing them as "bun outtakes."

The only thing I can logically think of is that I got lost somewhere between the words "dub" and "fun".

Outtakes, (also affectionately known as bloopers, flubs to make them sound wacky and fun!) being of course the mistakes, the potty mouthed and brain cramped moments of movies and tv shows. They are then squashed together and placed on DVDs for that extra geeky sheen, or shown on TV in specials that may be hosted by Alan Thicke.

After hitting "Send" and staring at my keyboard for a moment wondering what song and dance routine my fingers were engaged in when aforementioned sentence was written (a tawdry Grease revival is highly suspect) I then wrote a followup email:

"I have know idea what I was trying to type when I said "bun" outtakes."

Which was then followed by several more responses calling into question my actual knowledge on the subject, what exactly I had been doing this weekend and something about "Man Faye's ass." Allegedly.

So the lesson of course is I must remember not to type after heady, early morning discussions that may or may not subconsciously refer to the phallicy fallacy of Superman's implied package. I have know idea.


Larry said...

There are also some redubbed versions of the old GI Joe public service announcements you might like to hear :)

David said...

I cannot WAIT to get home and listen to this tonight!

David said...

OK, that was very silly.