Monday, April 11, 2005

You Can See Up Orion's Skirt From Here

Ever feel drunk without ever having touched a drop of the drink in your life?

Peace and Stars,


Anonymous said...

There are two kinds of alcohol-free drunkeness. Both involve losing one's inhibitions. The good kind just makes you feel good and giddy and do harmless, crazy things. The bad kind brings you down and makes you do things you would rather forget later on. Which one was it?


Signalite said...

The kind where the air is clear, the breeze is cool, the monkeys are in bed, and your little part of the world is quiet for a moment. But it's still really exciting for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I think I know what you mean... or it may be a completely different thing. You are all settled yet you still feel something stirring deep inside. Yes, excitement coming from god knows where--like a universe is unfurling and you are the lone witness.


Mike said...

I love laying down in the middle of a large field (far from city lights) and staring up at the stars. If I concentrate, I can feel the earth rotating beneath me. Makes me dizzy, but gives me a feeling of safety and comfort at the same time.