Monday, April 18, 2005

I Have A Superhero Complex

First order of business.

Please keep one of Simon's friends in mind this week as they'll be going through some really rough shit. Out of habit, I make an effort not to curse but there's no other words for it. It's simply rough shit. If you pray, now is the time. I'm sorry it's vague but I can't go into detail. It involves the fate of fellow happy monkeys, so that should be enough. Just send some good words out into the ether today for "Simon's friend" and they'll find their way to where they need to be. It's all that I can do for them, so you have my humble thanks in advance.

Everyday I seem to run into someone that is having a trial that they can't seem to get out of. It's like an acute awareness and compassion for others tribulations has been supercharged since I recently came out. Without that barrier, there's no more kryptonite in my pocket. I'm out of my stupid funk these days and my desire for psychological content has morphed into more physical endeavors. With the rest of the blog world in play it's now increased exponentially.

Unfortunately, my solutions for others are always impossible. It's slightly ostentatious, but for a brief moment I live in a world where I can just absorb it all with a hug or a gentle touch to the shoulder. Or snap my fingers and it'll be fixed. Or just a helpful glance will wist it away. Once in a while this actually works since subtle distractions can unwittingly carry weight. But for larger tasks, much greater actions are required and usually out of my tiny grasp.

The problem with being an inept gay superhero is that often I'll have an encounter that lays heavy on my heart (especially when it's none of my business) or catch some weird vibe from a friend, and I don't know what to do. When advise is not advisable, do I leave it be or do I offer some kind of service? When it's not life or death, at what point does trying to help become an intrusive annoyance? It's a two sided coin, one side coated with medicine, the other with poison. It's my secret source of power and yet, if I let it, it consumes me to the point of shutting down.


So for now I openly offer my ears. You cansend them by post or email if you like. Just don't don't chop yours off first like some tortured artists I've known, it can be a bloody mess.

PS. If you are ever on the AIM you can also try giving Signalite a shout and he may shout back. The password is "Shazam!"



the princiss! said...

this signalite is the friend that needs the good thought?

and.. what color is your suit, supersimon? and.. do you have a cape? because the incredibles taught us all a valuable lesson: superheroes that have capes often meet their doom.

ken said...

Great post. Your empathy is great. I, too, found that once I came out and had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders that everyone elses problems became so much more apparent and important to me. I had an a need to help, to listen, to care about their issues as if they were my own. My only caution to you (and I speak from experience here but take it for what it's worth) it's so easy to be used to helping and listening that when something big comes up in YOUR life again, you don't deal with it. Make sure you take care of you. Sorry for the long comment. =) I really enjoy the blog.

Signalite said...

princiss: Naw, Signalite would be me. I'm done being the one in need...I probably have a few different suits. One's definitely blue, but not the depressing dark blue, more of an enlightening and calm blue. No cape but I've got a security blanket. :P

ken: No apologies for the long post, sir. I am watching my step thanks for the warning. :)

rich said...


Anonymous said...

is their a proper term for people who are constantly involved in other peoples problems?... And I dont mean "therapist..