Monday, April 18, 2005

Look at the Pretty Colors!

Working late tonight. Called my wife to see how her day was and that I won't be over for bedtime stuff tonight. She's exceling at her new job apparently. No surprise there though. :)

Monkey No. 1 says something that I can't quite make out because he often holds the phone too close and it comes across like high pitched, white noise. But cute, giggly white noise. Then a thump echoes through the receiver. "High five, Daddy, high five."

Ha! "Right back at ya buddy."

Monkey No. 2 likes to kiss through the phone sometimes. "Okay bu-bye!"

I can breath perfectly tonight. And I found some art here at work that I thought I had lost when my hard drive died. And I discovered that the printer I got for Christmas two years ago and have never used...totally rocks. Who wants a postcard, I'm dying to print some out. I've really got to get some art up here. :)

Sometimes, things are good.

Peace and High Fives,

1 comment:

Daniel said...

i want a postcard! need mail at the new place, hehe.