Thursday, April 21, 2005

Currently, I Will Be Five

As heard on a Tuesday night in the car:

  • GB: (providing the soundtrack) Lalalala...
  • J-Dawg: Knock Knock.
  • Daddy: Who's there?
  • J-Dawg: Caribou.
  • Daddy: Caribou who?
  • J-Dawg: Caribou Strawberry Ahahahaha!
  • Daddy: Say what!?
  • J-Dawg: Caribou. Strawberry. Daddy, I'm hilarious.
  • Daddy: What's he doing with the strawberry.
  • J-Dawg: He just, you know, smooshed it on his face and now he's all sticky.
  • Daddy: Oh, sounds like he needs a bath.
  • J-Dawg: Daddy, that's just silly, caribou doesn't have bathtubs. He's too big so there's no room in his house.
  • Daddy: No bathtub but lives in a house. Got it. So how does he get clean?
  • J-Dawg: He licks it off. Like on the animal shows.
  • Daddy: Of course.
  • GB: Hey dadee, wook wook, itssa ehrpwane! Wanna fwy?
    (Translation: Why look father, there happens to be an airbourne vessel passing overhead. Pass the Grey Poupon.)

Peace and Caribou,


Brian said...

That makes a lot more sense than a number of conversations I've had with adults this week.

David Quinn said...

Mmm...I'm so confused.