Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The American Gigolo...I Mean...Idol Recap

At first I thought there was some kind of technical problem where the performers just couldn't hear themselves on stage. With the exception of Anthony, everyone sang flatter than a deflated whoopee cushion. And no one truly hit one out of the park this week. Nevertheless (again I only try to critique this weeks performances not the overall ranking):

1) Three way tie. Each excelled in some aspect, either stage presence, general appeal, or technical proficiency (but none in an overall manner). So in that order:

Bo. At first I would have put Vonzell at the top this week, but the more I thought about it, Bo seemed to at least equal this time around. Now if only we can work on pitch accuracy with both of the grungy boys that are left. True, the nature of rocking out is to catapult your energy in it's most raw and unrefined state often at the expense of clarity, but to rock in the right key is so much more impressive.

Vonzell. She always gets me to smile. :)

Anthony. What to say. Technically he did quite well last night. I want to like him and I did try. The tones in his voice are quite clean and pleasant and he can hit the high notes with ease. But his consistent choice of fluffy songs and awkward movements just don't push him into the "ultimate superstar" that seems to be what this show is supposedly looking for. He's like John Tesh + Michael Bolton - Receding hairline x Valium. Which if you like that kind of thing, then good for you. For this week at least, I don't think he deserves to go.

2) Two way tie.

Constantine. He's certainly got a look if nothing else, especially for the song he picked this week. His charisma is definitely there, but always suffers from a high-energy wobble and shake in his delivery when he's trying to put the power behind it. There just seemed to be something...missing.

Carrie. Hmmmmmm. Well...just kind

3) Scott. It seems like there is a slight sign of resignation setting in his demeanor and performance, so hopefully there will be a merciful goodbye this week on his behalf.



Kip said...

As usual, I completely agree with your assessment. Buh-bye Scott! (Or at least I hope so!)

Cole said...

Scott is definately gone.

Anthony I fear wont make it, but may show up elsewhere. He is so adorable. He just needs somebody to teach him how sexy he is so that he is more comfortable in his own skin. I volunteer for that job!

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FD said...

Have you heard about the Idol "Vote for the Worst" campaign? I guess this is what the public does when there is no clear winner, only a bunch of ok singers... read on:


I think this is so rude. Seriously. What do you think?