Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Insane in the Membrane

So it's close to midnight and I just wanted to write something because I just want to while it's still Tuesday, it is Tuesday right? But it seems there are lots of accidents in my mind at the moment and I'll be stuck here in the traffic for a little while cause the cops are taking their sweet time getting it cleaned up. I wonder how much it costs to get insurance on a random memory? I don't want to go to bed. But I'm so tired. The last few days, something opened the floodgates on the babbling streams in my head and I can't write them all down fast enough because I've got all this other real life stuff in the way. But I'm trying to make a cohesive thing out of it and hopefully it will end up here in some form.

Oh, I know I can serve up some cheesewiz and give my 'Secret Simon Says" version of American Idol. As before, here's my personal rundown of how this weeks performances turned out. Am I the only one that feels old that some of these pups were born in the mid eighties?

  1. Anthony - Kind lad, you got my personal top place this week. You picked the perfect song for your voice and presence. Even though you still have the odd physicality of someone looking for a prom date, it was full of genuine enthusiasm.

  2. Carrie AND Vonzell (Tie) - To the former. "kitten trying to be a tiger", a bit perhaps, but who cares at this point. I didn't even care that you didn't quite hit those last wrenching notes. Bring on the Pat Benetar anytime, darlin'. Just don't wreck your voice in the process.
    To the latter, Miss Work the Crowd, Encore! I want more! Ah the vitality of youth, you may very well pull it off as well if you're careful. ;)

  3. Constantine - I have a very strange relationship with you sir. You're weird and creepy and... hypnotic and endearingly odd enough all at the same time. I'm not sure I can forgive you for picking "Bohemian Rhapsody" with full knowledge that it would be truncated so severely. That's probably a blessing, though, as I'm not sure I could have watched you for that entire epic. But a good performance nonetheless.

  4. Anwar - Good show. When you get it right, it's quite right.

  5. Nadia - Sigh. I'm still rootin' for you girl. Hang in there.

  6. Bo - What happened sir. Your body was there but there seemed to be no spark. I was slightly reminded of a marionette for a moment who had his strings in a twist and couldn't get out of a rut.

  7. Scott - Sorry sir, it's really time to go home.



Evan said...

Vonzell!!! I was never a huge fan of Anthony, anyway. Carrie isn't so bad, either. In general, I agree with your ranking, but I must say I haven't been following the show that closely.

'LOVED the post about the monkeys...keep 'em coming!

FD said...

Actually, I find myself oddly rooting for Scott. He's not cute, he's had some bad press, but when he sings, he's very very good. I was not a Vonzel fan. All those teeth, I though she was going to bite me. lol.. just kidding. I also feel an awkwardness at admitting I like Constantine... I don't WANT to.. he's got that creepy rico-suave thing going on.