Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'll admit that working from home all that time spoiled me. The thing I'm not thrilled with the most about having to go into work again is that I don't see the boys after school anymore.

Mom was feeling sicker today, but not frazzled so that's good. Some days are better than others.

Apparently, I am told, that the Elder Monkey had a major meltdown regarding playing video games this afternoon.

He was doing so well with the listening, too. At least with me. He knows when it's time to turn it off and often does it himself now. I mean I KNOW what it's like to be in the middle of a level and it's all the sudden time to go. I've been there, I relate. So I thought things were well in this arena.

Which means when you throw new people into the mix, we start all over again.

I'm told he's been talking back to his mom harshly. That is so not cool.

Have I taught you nothing, monkeyboy? You don't talk back to The Mother. She will always win. Or she will behead you with her stare. Didn't you see the tongue of the School Transportation Call Person as she pulled it through the phone and made balloon animals out of it? Have you forgetten the ancient training, grasshopper?

Sigh. I heard him do it once now and it really shocked me a bit to hear this was the norm. For all the communication the Super Ex-Wife and I keep up, it's still like "He did what?" Apparently, Daddy is much more fun (which really doesn't work out to be fun in the long run).

I'm seeing the brat-beast emerge from it's hibernation state and venture out into the open. It's indeed fugly with all those fangs. But if that's the way he plays it, he knows the cost by now. So no games or TV of any kind again for quite a while. I'm inclined to make them go away for good actually. We shall see.


Paul said...

Just wait until they're teenagers!

angy said...

My little brother is in that stage, the recalcitrant/moody angsty little bugger sort of thing. I've found that yelling NEVER works. Instead, whisper. It scares him more than if I screamed. Plus, it'll get him to quiet down a little.