Tuesday, August 21, 2007

School Daze

Today was the first day of the new school year here. Elder Monkey is in Second Grade and Younger Monkey in First Grade.

That last sentence makes my eyes cross every time look at it. Mainly about the Younger Monkey. It means my youngest offspring will be six years old next week. No more babies here! I suppose there haven't been for quite sometime but that's not the point.

I got up in time to see them off at the bus stop. The bus was twenty minutes late. Standard fare apparently for a first day, but a bit worrisome considering the Epic Battle of the Super Ex-Wife vs. the School Transportation Department that transpired the week before. I had to call yesterday to settle it since both sides now channel Vigo the Carpathian (In stereo!) when speaking with at each other. I have no intention of taking anyone to the hospital with a phone inserted in an inappropriate body part.

Anyways, all told I heard there was some writing and reading, lunch, P.E. and maybe a teacher or two. I know it's not a sparkly new experience for them anymore, but that was about all I could pry out of the Monkey Mind Meld so it'll have to do.

In other news, did you know that Second Graders do research papers? I will spare you the gory details about the joy that should bring around here.

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Part of the plan for mom moving is so that she can watch the boys for us after school for about an hour each day until someone can get home. Yesterday evening was all around frightful. I got a really sinking feeling wondering if it will be okay.

Mom is doing better today. She is starting to adjust to the change at her own pace. It's going to take a while. Today went well once they figured out the PS2 is also a DVD player and Pandas ran amok on screen. For now there is going to be lots of after school movietime.

So far, monkeys don't react much about why Grandma is always feeling sick. They do know that the rule is to take it easy around her. One of the major causes of her depression is that she wants to feel useful, so it does give her a purpose if only for an hour each day. Boy, does it ever give her something to do. I'm thinking this will help her not be so lonely at least.

And I'm thinking all this easier access to Grandma's toy collection won't hurt either. She's always had cooler toys and movies than I.

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Marty Gilbert said...

Life is Frequency = Time x Distance

Frequency reaccouring cycles tuned to time. The Seasons. Water Cycle. Somehow eventually we all wind up back to where we started.

It strikes me readind about you and yours that all the problems, challenges nurtuering and hardship is what makes us the species we are.

Maybe it takes a complicated formula To define it.

its easier to say

Its simple Simon even at its worst life is beuitiful.