Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brain Scramble

Today my hair woke up and said "I think I'll stand up straight today." So instead of fighting it's revolt against gravity, I decided to play along and look like a junior high schooler. It's funny how a hair style can tweak one's personality if done right. Maybe the follicles are connected to my brain. So they kind of act like presonality switches. I love how I can convince myself of preposterous things.

Fun as that was, I'm pretty sure it affected my mathematical skills as they went haywire several times. I'm no computational whiz but I thought at least I knew my times tables. Today, however, I was adding instead of multiplying, counting fingers I didn't know I had and numbers were generally doing the polka all through my cranium. I can't dance the polka you know.

And then when it was all done we had to count all over again. Maybe I should invest in a monacle and a Transylvanian accent.

Luckily, I have other mad skillz that make people forget about all that. Um, I'll let you know what those are when I figure out what they are.

I left work early to take mom to the psychologist. She's preparing for a disability court hearing and needed her to fill out something or other. She also hadn't seen her in about a year and first thing said was a comment on how thin she has gotten. And, wait for it, that she needs to eat more. I promptly exited with monkeys since this line of questioning would be going on for about an hour.

I also went to the boyfriends house for dinner. I haven't been there in a while since he lives rather far away. He cooked a tamale pie with cornbread crust. It was scrumptious, but then everything he cooks is. He 's got the culinary touch. I'm not just saying that cause I'm sweet on him.

It's because I get free food if I keep telling him I like it. And hot lovin'. Because that's the secret ingredient. Duh.

It seems like my days are packed to the brim now and I'm starting to get exceptionally tired in the evening, especially when I try to write incoherent blog entrys at nigh.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


daniel said...

tamale pie? that sounds AMAZING!

oh, and i bet the hair looked fine. straight up isn't just for junior higher's anymore! if ya got it, flaunt it, right?

David said...

~wistfull sigh~

That's all I got.