Friday, August 24, 2007

Life As Goldilocks

I can't seem to get back into the swing of getting to work on time again. I've been 15 minutes late every day this week no matter what time I left the house. It's not all that big of a deal with me since they know I'm all crazy with my schedule, but it still starts my days off feeling already behind.

For lunch I ventured out with three coworkers who I'll affectionately nickname The Bear Squad. They are married, burly and scruffy lads of the company. Let's just say I offered to drive and my car had considerably less pickup than usual.

As the Bear Squad likes to eat substantial portions we went to a Spanish lunchtype place. I asked what was good and one said the Cuban. I didn't get it but maybe next time I should order one hot-pressed. And naked. oil... Hungry yet?

The Biggest Bear (the one with the biggest heart of course) of them busted his tooth on a piece o' pork bone and just kept on eating through the pain.

Speaking of which the Younger Monkey's got his first loose tooth. I'm hoping he doesn't chuck it or swallow it but I have a feeling he'll be coming up to me soon with a gap in his smile, location of the wayward chopper unknown. Just in time for school pictures of course.

The other food highlight of the day would be that I used my kitchen to cook dinner for the monkeys for the first time possibly in months. It's only been a room lately where everything piled up while I worked on other rooms. But I had to make sure she had a place to cook for Mom being around, which is at least good for the house.

It makes me clean up after myself. Sorta.

Okay, I swear I just heard someone out there make a taunting giggle-snort.


Brad said...

You did NOT hear me snort, as I am completely charmed by your writing. Again.

Dean said...

You could hear that? And I'm in Atlanta? Damn.

David said...

When I think of guys described as bears, I don't think of married straight men.