Saturday, August 25, 2007

No More Jumping On the Bed (The Doctor Said)

Monkeys slept in their own bed yesterday for the first time since the split. It's a fold down futon in the living room, brought over with grandma, as they don't have their own room. It does the job for the time being. Except for now when I'm still herding younger monkey from wandering around the house.

The frustrating part is even when I'm done fixing up the house they still really won't have a proper bedroom to speak of. I'm contemplating giving them my room.

Today is Super X-Wife's birthday. The zillionth August child in a row and they aren't done yet. She's having friends over and I'm taking the boys an extra night. I am more than glad to take them overnight more if it mean's some kind of social life emerge for her.

There may even be a "boyfriend" in the works but I use the term extremely loosely. There is a history of men in her life, even before do I put this lightly... switching to play for the other team midgame. And this new one seems to be in denial.

I don't think mom is doing so well with the boys' chaos. An afternoon with them is at her threshold. A whole weekend is bringing out the worst in her and them. In fact if this is going to be the norm, it's not going to work at all. She's tired, they're at top speed and I'm somewhere in the middle playing traffic cop.

I'm sure there are more important things to say but I can hear closeby echoes of rumblings and tumblings from where there should be slumbering and there's bound to be a throw down soon...


Sharon said...

Sorry about all the conflicts and compromises. It's hard to make everyone happy and still stay sane. HUGS.

Taylor The Latte Boy said...


I know that your family is at a high conflict right now, but my suggestion is to give it a little more time. The way I describe changes in family dynamics to the families I work with is you all are dancing in sync when someone goes and changes the record without warning. Sometimes it takes a few bars in before you all start dancing in sync to that song.

Hope that helped...or you could tell me to piss off, which would fine as well :)

David said...

Keep your room. They can survive on a fold-out bed at this age. An alternative, if there is room, which my ex did was to install a sort of bunk bed in the corner of your bedroom.