Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bring on the Rain

August has always been my favorite month. But in recent years August hasn't been itself.

I always used to remember summers in my youth still as a hot breath of fire, but was quickly quenched every afternoon without fail by a swift roaring storm. I could time my day to it, always in waiting with excitement for that rumble and drop that would wash all the heated dust and sweat away. For the past few weeks it seems summer has been behaving itself a little more and recapturing some of this which I used to love, instead of a recent history of split personality; a fidgety snap of drought for months and hurricanes the rest.

Aside from today when it rained elephants and rhinos. The dogs and cats were on vacation you see. And apparently not only here, but other unexpected locales.

My personal tempests have gotten into a similar kind of groove and show no sign of slowing. I won't let them beat me but I'm a bit exhausted tonight.


David said...

I want to hear more about your new man who is "all kinds of wonderful."

Andy said...

I was wondering why it was raining so hard today. Those elephants really come down loudly.