Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What's the Big Idea?

Things are spinning,
Pitching, flailing, grinding
Round and round and round
But once I get my bearings back
You'll surely be the first to know
The spot I've come back down.

So somebody must have whacked me over the head with a Rickenbacker because I've got this idea that is manifesting through the interdimensional portal that has formed in my brain but is taking it's sweet time. I'm sure you can relate.

It does involve all this sketchery I have been indulging in of late and will make some people quite happy.

I even have some more real blog posts, you remember the kind that involve words, but currently they are in one of those BIG jumbley puzzles you find in the newspaper so I'll get back to you once I've got it sorted.



Michael said...

You really seem to have such a gift for going with the flow. I hope you cherish that thrill as much as its resolution!

Michael said...

So I have to ask...is it just me or do these brain whirls (which always seem excitingly great ideas) happen to you when you're driving, working, doing whatever and you can't seem to write the idea down in time? Oh I do know that feeling all too well. I have written many a poem/short story beginning in my car driving....only to forget it all when I reach somewhere I could write it down.

And if you like Fooly, me thinks you might find Gravitation fun! (I think there are 13 mangas and maybe a 6 disc set on Dvd?)

Paul said...

I wait to hear of exciting things to come!