Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sketch o' the Day ~ The Aquestrian

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Each Sunday morning before dawn, the queen would slip out of her solitude and into the vague deep to become lost with her only true confidant.
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This one is for my dear sis, Julia, because she asked for it. Since I perpetually owe her for being the epitome of rad sibling. Also for not beating me up as much as she could when we were little.

As we all know, the male seahorse has the babies. And they are monogomous. Maybe I shoulda been a seahorse.


sis said...

yay my seahorse!!
i love it! HOORAY!!!
thank you thank you <3
i'll stop bugging you now.

Six Shooter said...

OK, art aside ... the TITLE is brilliant.

(And the picture rocks!)

Anonymous said...

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