Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dear Simon

I will always be entrenched in secrets.

You know all of them. Even when they are miniscule, sometimes when they are forgotten, often when they belong to others, and especially when they are grand. Lately I've found myself retreating back to you, Simon, to give you some more.

Sometimes, I accidentally fall over little treasures that I want to keep for myself. And I think, "You know, Simon would love this." I want to lie down with those things and feel their pulse. And hope that it lasts one second more. Or hope that it dies quickly so you can get on with other things.

I know now of people who are wondrous and broken at the same time. When you begin to filet your dreams at the expense of pursuing them does it really make it worth it anymore? I try too hard to make people like you, to prove something to only one stubborn skeptic, to show that yes in fact, I am not a coward, I will do what I do even if I lose.

Some people have assumed your guise and are wearing your shoes. I see you walking among them. They know the things you know. But they don't know each other. I feel worlds are starting to collide.

I know now that you and I will still always be brothers in arms, dear Simon. Let me know if you've anything to impart. I'm listening.



Willing Warrior said...


one of my favorite posts.

I love your way with words.

PS. If Simon replies, please let me know.

Michael said...

Ya know mon ami, everyone is a mysterious little package in my opinion. There's always something laying just under that wrapping you weren't expecting.

Mike said...

Beautifully stated. Made me ponder the way my own postings have changed over the years.

Six Shooter said...

Yeah ... wow.

Larry said...

Wow, here I was expecting a nice colorful piece of art, and you gave me a great written piece instead. You're full of surprises :)

Flip said...

Do you know any people who are wondrous and not broken? Then do you know them?

Thanks for the words.

Marty Gilbert said...

I miss Simon.

sexy said...