Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ready To Rawk

After I got it all out of my system this morning, I've been breathing a lot better since. Allow me to present before you some proof of balance in the universe.

So. I love Guitar Hero. The monkeys love when I play Guitar Hero. The Younger Monkey loves when I play, specifically, "I Love Rock & Roll."

So. I just got a call from my now ex-wife.

So. It would only make sense that when they were at church tonight and it was time for everybody to sing uplifting praise and worship songs to our Lord God, Younger Monkey stands up and with a determination that would make Joan Jett proud, belts out "I Love Rock & Roll" as loud as possible, knowing every word and movement to the wonderment of everyone in the building.

Fortunately, I'm told it was hilarious and stupendous and she just wanted to thank me for my handywork. Allow me to say I have not laughed so hard since...okay, since the last time he did something like that.

Rock on, Monkey, I have taught thee well.


Atari_Age said...

That is really funny. And a good laugh to lighten up the day.

I also wanted to comment on your last post.

I was touched by it.

I'm sure this was such a difficult moment on so many levels. This sounds like the "ceremonialness" of it serves as a marker representing an endpoint. I know it's not the end for real. But it's a symbolic moment.

I hope you gain some happiness - even with the sadness - that there is no ambiguity in the situation any more.

Hoping you're doing well...

Adam said...


Paul said...

How funny is that! I love the innocence of children.

Lee said...

Too funny!

krystyn Jones said...

monkeys rock!

reminds me of the time monkey went with me to buy bras, and I turned around to find him in front of the mirror wearing a double D with his hands on his hips dancing like a stripper... giggle. snort.

David said...

You disabled the comments on the Seeing Ghosts post, so I will speak here.

I want to give you such a hug. You move me so much with how you say things. I wish you all the best.