Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Survey Says

I got an email a bit ago from another Simon who conducts surveys and interviews among the blogging world, hence the Bloggasm.

Since he was kind enough to include my response in his latest about mapping diversity in the blogosphere, please have a look see and ponder it yourself. What I appreciate about this is the analytical nature of wanting to do something of this sort, and his observations, including self imposed flaws.


krystyn said...

wow dude, you sound like omigod so totally smart on there and stuff, dontcha know? ;-)

in all seriousness, I like your response, especially the part of being stuck in your niche. I have, for months, been trying to break out of my mommy niche by reading other non-mommys, writing about things other than my kids on my blog. the response has had mixed reactions, I occasionally get emails from people who say they miss my "old style" of writing, but on a whole I feel much better about the diversity of content on my site and the diversity of my "audience."

David said...

I found the overall statistics rather interesting. I'm surprised that more women than men write sex blogs. I'd assumed it would be the other way around.

Saaleha said...

I found you via that blog. And you are totally right about the niche thing. But I think we tend to be comfortable that way, as you so rightly point out. Sharing a common space with people who share our interests. And creating some pretty lasting bonds.

Another thing, I absolutely love your sketches. The colours, so vibrant you can almost feel them, textured, rippling, swirling, alive. Well done.

sexy said...