Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Your like...24 right?

And now a public service announcement for a cool lady:

(Click to make Bigger!)

There was cake, but of course you can't trust a monkey with cake, so now there is none. Hope your birthday is a good one. :P



Rebecca Gette-Erradi said...

Hey Simon,
Did you draw that? I think I read on one of your posts, and you said you have a draw pad with your Mac (Go I Mac- is it a fun color?) If you did, I am impressed!

Signalite said...

Thanks for the kind remarks. Well, it's not a fun color but is one of the neato swively ones that look like a mod lamp. The artist is none other than yours truly. Hopefully there will be more to follow. ;)

Tuna Girl said...

Hey Simon! I saw this while I was vsiiting Patrick but I couldn't comment on his ancient laptop.

Thank you SO MUCH! I had such a wonderful birthday with so much attention from all of you sweet bloggers.

You're awesome!

Tuna Girl said...

Hey Alden! A year later and I folowed this link from my siremeter. Made me say AWWWWW all over again.

Tuna Girl said...

Make that "sitemeter". No measuring of sires here. ;-)