Monday, May 09, 2005

My Lunchbox is About 3/4 of a Tank Low

Opening Music: Sophie B. Hawkins : Damn I Wish I was Your Lover.
Hopefully, this isn't some kind of premonition. And somehow I always get confused and think this is Say What You Want by Texas (The band not the state). But anyway.

I filled up my gas tank on Friday night and it's already about gone. Mother's Day was really a pleasant and enjoyable few days. And then at the last minute, it wasn't. I don't wanna talk about it right now.

Crappy Sunday Night
Sluggish Monday Morning
Muddled Thoughts
Brain Cramps
Modern Convenience
Complete Disillusionment.

Meaning: After wandering around the grocery store trying to be thrifty, getting distracted by the frenzy of muscle mags encouraging me to buy my new body for only $5.95, and generally failing at motivation to eat a so-called-healthy lunch, I end up getting an egg salad sub that I know has been processed, packaged and preserved in huge proportions. With Salt & Vinegar Chips. And a flask of Barques Root Beer that's far too big.

I've figured it out. You know that Ice Cream thing that some do when they are depressed..I do that with fast food when I get lost and confused. If I'm depressed I just don't eat so at least I know that's not the case. Give me a combo meal and it won't show me the way to enlightenment, but secretly I'm probably hoping it will shorten my overall life span.

In my wanderings though, a deck of Incredibles Playing Cards caught my eye and I heard a monkey in my brain say "Wowie Zowie!". Maybe I'm brain washed or maybe I'm immature. Or both. But these days The Incredibles now always remind me of my playful monkeys and my troubles disintegrate for a few moments. I recall that I must pick up my super suit at the dry cleaners.

So, I am feeling a little better now. Maybe I just needed to get out of the office for a bit. It's sunny and warm outside. I must be part plant life after being vegetarian so long. Did you ever read that book when you were in elementary school about the kid who drank all that green juice to turn his hemoglobin into chloryphyll and therefore became a Anyone? If you know the name of the book you can join me for some photosynthesis by the pool later.

I've decided I need a lunchbox. Not want, NEED. The whole concept of lunchboxes rock. Surely there must be an Incredibles lunchbox floating around out there... and why does my text editor keep telling me lunchbox is not one word. Of course it is. :P

Closing Music: Gavin DeGraw : Chariot.
It made me sing out loud which isn't something I thought I'd do today.

Peace and Lunch,


David said...

WOW! I think about that book constantly. Read it many, many times when I was a kid - even remember being preoccupied by a specific typo in which the "silver trophy" was misspelled "sliver trophy" and I was kept up nights trying to figure out what the hell a sliver trophy was.

Your mentioning it made me seek it out. It's called Top Secret. Ah, happy memories!

Signalite said...

Yup, that's definitely the one! Reading the synopsis he was supposed to do his science experiment on lipstick and instead decided on human photosynthsis. Thanks sir, it would have plagued my memory forever.

A sliver trophy is your reward for coming in first while doing the log roll barefoot. :P

"the" Mrs. Astor said...

I got my computer's memory back and now have you, too. Glad to read you again.