Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Philosophical Transgressions

I went to the psychiatrist today. He says he could tell just by looking at me that I seem brighter these days. And I've told the monkeys to stop sticking glowsticks up my nose in my sleep but they just won't listen. Besides an upgraded mood and energy level, I've also been having bizarre dreams and now a dull headache seems to be recurring. It's not a painful ache but it seems to muddle the outside world once in a while. Hard to describe. Or it may be that my shoes are just too tight.

In the preceding few weeks, I've been on a creative kick that I haven't had in years, if even then. Writing and writing about fantastic images, mundane stories, ideologies that question what's going on and then another immediately following that will wander off in the exact opposite path. Snippets of time and good fortune that are turning into tangible ideas. You won't find me in my travels now without a pen and papers of varying scrap sizes.

Problem is, whenever there is a slight break in thought, I'm either too tired or busy to expand on anything I've written down. Or record in the now gargantuan ongoing text file on the laptop. Which I should just have surgically implanted for ease of use. So at any moment I could just flip up the screen in my chest or open up the keyboard on my arm. Sometimes my scribbles are so vague I can't remember what the hell I was talking about. The shorthand becomes phrases that are meant to encompass future vast epics, blog posts, or master plans. Things like: Platonic Sweet Corn, Fun with Hats, Giant Plastic Scissors, or my favorite, Hot Rubber Ducky Death Metal.

Apparently, however, I've been mistaking my newfound creative abundance for symptoms of ADD. So Doc prescribed some stuff that's bound to change my current state of being. Considering how constant my previously malignant state of thinking was, I almost asked him "Are you sure? Can you try it for me first so I can see what happens?" If this is delusion then I'll gladly stay here. But I suppose he's got the piece of paper to prove it so...anyone else want to practice poking my brain for a bit?

I still despise taking drugs that I'm not sure I need.


Idol Thoughts

Since bad hobits are hard to break:

Allow me to be British for a moment. It was rather a sordid affair and I was rather kind of glad to see it end. Rather. That wasn't very British.

I've surprised myself, thinking that Carrie may well not make it to next week. Possibly. Bo seems safe. Maybe. Vonzell will get pity votes, although she redeemed herself in the second half. Probably. But I've been wrong every week so far so let's watch in pain as Anthony somehow sweeps the whole thing. Indubitably.

(Hmmm, bad hobbits are also probably hard to break.)



d said...

consider acupuncture and eating better for UPmoodswings ;-)

sis. said...

i concur with d; that is sound advice.
but also... rubber ducky death metal was the t-shirt that i made in high school...remember? i don't know where you got the "hot" from though..
take it easy bro ^__^

Signalite said...

d & sis...

Acupuncture, eh? Maybe I'll give it a try. Hmmm, I thought I was eating better, not sure what else I can actually do in that regard. Thanks for the kind thoughts. :)

Yes! Rubby Ducky Death Metal! Right! Now I remember what sparked that thought. It probably deserves it's own post since this adds awhole new dimension to it...

rich said...

ummmm.... pills are the death of a creative mind. the insanity that have been attributed to great artist could actually simply be ADD.

Kip said...

I think almost all people have a bit of ADD... especially creative people. What's wrong with that? As long as it's not hurting anything, then it can't be that bad, right?

Jess said...

On the Idol part of your post... if this goes the way it should, I think Bo will be the winner. He's the best of the bunch.