Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Life in the Stream

Today is an experiment in "real time" blogging. I'm trying to incorporate taking a short 1 minute break every half hour or so at work to force myself out of my seat, stretch and write a sentence about what's going on. Not only as an alternative to workaholics anonymous, it made me think about it because my left shoulder gets a stabbing pain in it when under stress to finish a project. It's been far better since I started the gym but still hurts like hell. Like the one I got one yesterday that was incapacitating for a moment.

So just bare with me as I try and break this fugly pain in the neck.

6:45 Every Wednesday, without fail, the day I'm supposed to be at work at seven precisely, I turn off my alarm in my sleep. I rush out the door and forget something. However. Cell, keys, laptop, wallet, shoes, breakfast..all accounted for. Cool.

7:01 Aha! I knew there had to be something. My shirt is on backwards. :P

7:39 As much as Stevie Ray Vaughan wants to make me belt and growl along, it's not a good idea to try while eating oatmeal.

8:01 Potty break!

8:07 There must be a law of nature that must state, when you have to go poo RIGHT NOW, the toilet seat will be covered in pee.

8:54 When your boss walks by head banging and making rock out gestures to the way-beyond-loud music blaring from your offfice, you then know there is potential to have a good day. True, he was probably mocking me but that's standard protocol around here. :)

9:38 Did somebody just call me Fatboy Slim? That's cool. Current minor distraction: Google Content Blocker

10:12 Correction it was "Fart Blossom" not "Fatboy Slim". But I don't think she was calling me a fart blossom. She just says these things. Alrighty then.

11:11 Tummy grumbling. Time for a banana and some vine swinging.

11:51 Oh how I wish I could talk about all the nifty things that I work on. But then I'd have to kill you...

12:37 Lunch. Since all my funds have gone to monkeys this week, I think the only thing left is a microwave burrito. Joy.

1:37 I gotta stop working through lunch. The good thing is that I forgot that I had stockpiled organic burritos. So they don't taste like crap. And I found salsa. Yipee!

3:11 In response to the comment below about which burrito it's Amy's brand. Actually anything Amy's is scrumptious. It's also the only kind of frozen pizza I get for my monkeys.

3:17 The Super Spam All-Star™ name for the day, provided by a friend, is...Nicaraguan R. Cantaloupes! Shazam!

5:05 Hmm seems these got less frequent as the day went on. Wonder why that is. Poor El Scooby (my officemate). He had Wendys today and now his poo is green and his ass really hurts alot, so he went home early. This is why I try not to eat fast food. Either that he wanted a head start on waiting in line for that movie. Which he'll being seeing again tomorrow. And then his life shall be complete. Whatever makes you happy I suppose. I just hope given how he's feeling that he doesn't some kind of "Eruption in the Force" while he's watching it.

6:15 Here's the thing about leaving work. If I don't leave by 4 it becomes virtually impossible to get home in a timely manner until the traffic subsides again, around 6. But I guess I have no excuse NOW, so I should kick myself out.

7:47 Yes, I'm still here at work. I always stay late when I'm the verge of a breakthrough. On another note I've almost just now choked on a glass of water that went down the wrong way.

11:01 One more thing to do before I shuffle off to dreamland regarding a certain birthday girl...



Anonymous said...

Hi! Sorry, I know this may bound silly but,reading your Blog and I was curious as to which brand of organic food you buy? (referring to your burrito)

mark77nyc@yahoo said...

yummmy... Anything Amy's is fantastic. Microwaveable food should taste this good, but then again if you think about it most microwave food tastes so scary because the chemicals in it have probably gonw radioactive after being zapped.
btw, simon, love today's experiment. very fun.

sis. said...

yay! green poo! i am very easy to amuse. i like jokes about poo. and t-shirts with poo on them. as print. not real poo. i don't think i'd actually wear a shirt with real poo on it. but i like cute printed poo. on a shirt with a cute dog.