Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let Me Purge

Okay so...

So here's a thing I did on a whim. Just for the fun of it. Really. All I did was sing happy birthday.

It happens to appear on the latest edition of one of my regular podcast indulgences. Have a listen:
The Daily Purge

And I'm now pleasantly surprised. Thanks boys!

(And, um, this maybe your only chance to hear me sing...)



Michael said...

Sorry bout the deletion but I had misspelling things :)

What an amazing voice you have!! I'd love to hear you sing anything. Sheesh! :)

Paul said...

A multi-track wonder!

VJnet said...

Congrats! And well deserved, Sir. Your Birthday song was so thoughtful and cute :)

Joe SF said...

it was awesome.

when are you going to get your podcast up and running again?

David said...

Wow, you have a gorgeous voice! I finally got a moment to listen.