Friday, March 03, 2006

SOmetImMes thEre are TOo Many WoRds

play all at once

Or in tiny pieces


David said...

Very cool.

Michael said...

Hey Simon, just wondering if anyone else mentioned having trouble downloading the entire file? Then again, perhaps I'm the only shmuck having trouble with it.

Thank you for continuously showing your artwork. Today's picture seems to be about the way I've been feeling lately.

Willing Warrior said...

Yikes... me too. Having trouble that is.

Hope you are well Simon! This new test post seems exciting!

Willing Warrior said...

oh, scratch that. It loaded off your site eventually, just not in the feed..

VJnet said...

You know what I just realized... From SNL: "I'm Simon and I like to do drawerings..." :-) You have some awesome talent and I love your blog/podcast and your art work! I hope all is well.

ohh, I've been having trouble viewing some of your files, too. (Vidsketch Experiment and Secret Simon Vid No. 003)


VJnet said...

Okay, Secret Simon Vid No. 003 is working now, but I'm still having probs viewing the Vidsketch Experiment, but hey it was an experiment :)