Sunday, March 19, 2006

Secret Simon Podcast #007

Zoom zoom. Bang crash boom.

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Brian said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you are okay. Hang in there.

David In Denver said...

I'm so thankful that you weren't hurt and that your voice seems to be in good spirits about it. If it were me, I would have been thrown for a total loop! I hope you find something that suits you and that is affordable. I know all too well how difficult it is to add an extraordinary expense to an already tight budget, but somehow, (miracle, perhaps?) it does work out. I look forward to your next update about all the rest of what's been happening there over the past couple weeks. I've missed you, Simon!

David said...

You are so adorable I just want to reach through the computer and give you a big hug.

Sorry to hear about the car. I know it must seem scary, I have lived within tight finances all my adult life. But lately I have begun to believe, and to experience, that if you trust that the universe will take care of you, it will. Just be clear about what you want and have faith that it will happen. Clearly communicate to the world what you need and it is amazing how things will happen.

Be well and know you are loved.

Sean said...

I just found your blog (podcast) and wanted to tell you I really like your voice. And the CONTENT of what you say is very "listenable."

Hope you find a nice set of new wheels.

Marty Gilbert said...

Look at car dealears and cars as someone your interested in dating. Take it SLOW savor the moment find something that is attractive to you and then look under the hood.

Go find 4 cars you are attracted to. Write down the good things and the bad, test drive and list what you think.

theres a world of knowledge out here use it like you have in the past. Post your best 4 choices. Some people on the net can do great reasearch on cars.

so often attracted to something. Car or person. Liked what i saw under the hood. but when we went for a test drive and spent some time is when you discover if this vehicle is right for you and the Monkeys.

Ive never owned a car that wasnt a Toyota Supra after carful selection i have found my transportation love and ill not give up. 5 of them now but when they moan or whimper i know what the problem is how to fix it and spare parts to do it with. They all have names according to there newiances. Currently driving Jerome. Nameds after St Jerome, who translated the Greek and Hebrew Testiments into proper Latin for the Pope. After being caught with Nuns in compermising positions. At his trial befor the Pope proclaimed " Ive often been guilty but ive done nothing wrong"

Vi vat Rex

Take the cam. lets find Simon a car and a boyfriend so you have time to deal with Art and Monkeys.

Michael said...

I'm glad you're OK. I guess what struck me more than your car buying worries is that you seem embarassed to shop at discount stores. I think that's silly.

Just because all the gay boys on South Beach spend all their cash (and max out their credit) on designer french fries doesn't mean they won't get atherosclerosis. Ditto for Prada coats and wet in the rain.

As for cars, I think Marty's got the right idea. Also look up prices on the net and don't walk in to a dealer without knowing what you want and how much you can afford to pay (NOT how much you *can* pay, but how much you *can afford* to).

Best of luck!

Larry said...

Just to add to the chorus: I'm glad you're all right. Air bags really are pretty violent, aren't they? I've been through two deployments so far and it isn't exactly fun.

I hope you found a car that's livable :)

Brad said...

I'm just listening to your podcast now.

I think a good, used Toyota Corolla. Would be the perfect car for you. Great gas mileage and extremely reliable.

The Chevy/Geo Prizm is a clone of the Corolla that is made in the same assembly line and many times can be found for a more affordable price because it doesn't have the "Toyota" name.

If you've already purchased a vehicle, I'm sure you're happy with what you found.