Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Next Stage: Super Saiyan Lvl 100

Hi guys and dolls.

So in short:

Vacation = a surly harlot.

Deadlines = a gaseous giant.

Computers = several boorish madmen.

Money = an invisible musty stench.

Family = no chance of parole.

Voice = wrenched.

Me = trying to please god and/or man and/or monsters.

Deadlines + Computers + Family + Me - Voice - Money - Vacation = A ferocious, mentally retarded chicken that likes to pluck out my eyebrows and then glue them on backwards.

But not to worry. I don't do Hudsucker moments anymore.

This moment of lucidity has been brought to you by the lack of REM cycles and viable purpose and may dissappear after the editor reads this and proclaims, "Back to the steamy depths from whence you arose!"



David said...

Mmm, steamy depths, that's hot.

Sorry, I was never good at math.

Flip said...

As long as the chicken glues them back above your eyes it's not really such a big deal is it?

Hang in there!

Ms. S'ghetti said...

Hang on tight, it'll get better!!!

Melissa said...

Just make sure to dye your hair back when it goes blonde. I can't see that being very complimentary on you.

I think monsters are much easier to please than either man or god.

ThatGuy said...

you forgot to divide everything by the devil - but as we have discussed, that would result in another equation altogether. Horizontal on an equal plane?